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The future development trend of the cold forging technology
2015-4-3 8:53:06

Cold forging is a kind of precision plastic forming technology has the advantages of cutting the incomparable, high utilization rate of such as the mechanical properties of products, high productivity and material, particularly suitable for mass production, but also can be used as amethod for manufacturing the final product (Net-shape Forming), has been widely used inaerospace, transportation tools and machine tool industry. The rapid development of automobile industry, motorcycle industry and machine tool industry, provided the impetus for the development of the traditional technology of cold forging. For example, in 1999 the national total output of our country motorcycle has more than 1126 vehicles, according to preliminary estimates for 2000,China's total demand for cars by 2005 will reach 3300000 units, of which 130~140 million, only the automotive industry's demand for 50~60 million tons. The cold forging technology in China although it is not too late, but the development speed is with the developed countries there is a big gap, so far, China's production of the cars on the shortage of cold forging weight 20kg, equivalent to half of the developed countries, the development potential is very great, strengthen the cold forging technology development and application is an urgent task at present in our country.

Cold forging parts of the shape is more and more complex, from the initial step shaft, screws,screws, nuts and other catheter, to the development of complex shape parts. The typical process of spline shaft: forward extrusion rod upsetting middle - head - extrusion spline; spline sleeve for main process: extrusion Cup -- at the bottom ring - extrusion sleeve is made of. The spur gear cold extrusion technology is successfully used in the production of. In addition to black metal, the copper alloy, magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy cold extrusion is used more and more widely.

Continuous technological innovation

Cold forging is a (nearly) net shape forming technology. The method of forming the componentsintensity and high precision, good surface quality. The current foreign an ordinary car uses cold forging 40~45kg total, the toothed part reached a total of more than 10kg. The cold forging of gearunit weight of up to 1kg, the tooth profile accuracy can reach 7.

Continuous technological innovation to promote the development of cold extrusion technology,twentieth Century 80 years, domestic and foreign experts to the precision forging cold forgingdivided flow forging theory Yu Zheng gears and helical gears forming. The main principle of divided flow forging is the establishment of a material in the mold forming part of blank or the divergence cavity or distributary channel. In the process of forging, the material filled in the cavity at the same time, part of the material flow divergence cavityor diverge the channel. Application of divided flow forging technology, the high accuracy gear cutting, no less rapidly to achieve the scale of industrialization. The ratio of length to diameter is 5 extrusions, such as piston pin, the axial Yu liaokuai the widely through the axial split cold extrusion forming a realization, but also the stability ofthe punch is very good; for the flat kind of spur gear forming, material block can realize product of cold extrusion by radial residual.

Closed die forging in closed die or punch through a two one-way or to an extrusion metal forming,no flash in the near net shape forging. Some car precision parts such as the planets and the half axle gear, star shaped sleeve, cross bearings if the cutting method, not only the material utilization rate is very low (less than 40% on average), and spend time, high production costs. Using closed die forging technology to produce these net shape forging, eliminating most of the cutting, greatly reducing costs.

Development of cold forging technology is the development of high value-added products, reduce the production cost, at the same time, it also continues to cutting, powder metallurgy, casting,forging, sheet metal forming field penetration or replace sb., also can be combined with the processto form a composite process. Hot forging and cold forging compound plastic forming technology is a new precision metal hot forging and cold forging combined process, it makes full use of hot forgingand cold forging their own advantages: hot metal plasticity is good, the flow stress is low, so thedeformation process for hot forging. Complete; cold forging precision is high, so the important partsfor cold forging process to the final forming parts. Hot forging and cold forging compound plastic forming technology which appeared in the twentieth Century 80 years, since the 90's has beenused more and more widely, the technology of manufactured parts, has achieved good results, to improve the accuracy of cost reduction.