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Application of cold forging
2015-4-3 8:52:41

The anatomy of a Corvette model sports car, you will find that the 80% parts are forging parts; thelatest F-35 fighters, including 80% parts are forging parts. Don't be surprised, automobiles, aircraft,weapons, ships, electric power, metallurgy, electronics and home appliances and other products in the world, any load or in important parts under high temperature and high pressure of work, are all made of metal materials by the pressure of the forging process. The forging industry as a basic industry of machinery manufacturing industry, has an important influence on the industry and national defense construction, equipment manufacturing, manufacturing capability of forgingindustry has become an important symbol to measure a country's level of industrial. As the industrial powers of the United States, Japan and European countries, is always a world class levelin forging technology.

The new car in 80% parts are forging parts

With the development of global manufacturing shift to China, China forging industry has also experienced a rapid growth for many years to 30% 2001-2006. In 2007 the forging industry outputgrowth rate down to 20%; in 2008 the economic situation at home and abroad to further unrest, the upstream raw material prices and downstream consumer goods market continued to decline, China forging industry is the autumn will come?

The rapid growth of the small industry

Old newspaper through 2007, a prospect that triumph and the "global financial crisis" tune in stark contrast. If quoted the analysis data of the previous year, you'll find out the forging industry is still"high growth" and "promising": an annual output of 3700000 tons of production of forgings, the first in the world, more than 4 forging enterprises, 1400000 of the staff forecast, industry growth ratemore than 20%, a huge space for development, the most promising, the most potential market......

"Special cold forging enterprises, 08 year gross margin of only 11%, has been reduced to their lowest level in years," Forging Association Secretary General Mr. Zhang Jin laments, "the industrygross margin should be reasonable in the 20%-30%, the industry is healthy. The present situation,industrial investment, low income, no one is willing to invest." For the production of equipment worthtens of millions or even billions of cold forging industry, such meager profits made to recover the investment into a distant thing.

Cost pressures caused by the rising price of iron ore, iron and steel industry is from the upstreamto the forging industry further conduction; coal prices and electricity costs caused by rising trendunabated. Affected by the economic downturn, monetary tightening policy, domestic consumptionwas inhibited to a certain extent, the big boss of forging industry automobile industry is expected to reduce the. Even in the ordinary consumer goods, the consumption level of potential caused by the decline of production equipment demand will also have an impact on the forging industry. At the same time, the recession of export-oriented enterprises also leads to a decrease in demand forforging.

The basic position of the forging industry in the equipment manufacturing industry is widespread,has now become a disadvantage of it is under compression.

"The hammer rings gold two", this sentence to describe is the last of the forging industry. "At that time, kick down is a few dollars. "A 30 year old forging industry experienced workers said (coldforging forging are controlled by foot way). Nowadays, forging enterprise scenery what they once were. A rising market of low-end forging excess capacity, turned into a race to the bottom, so thatmany enterprises suffer a shortage of orders.

To continue to improve

Over the past few years of prosperity, does not seem too much to the accumulation of cold forgingindustry. China's current annual production capacity of 3700000 tons of free forging in the forging,accounted for 27% of about 1000000 tons, about 2700000 tons forgings accounted for 73%.Compared with previous years, forging ratio up to a certain extent (only 65%), but there is still a gap compared with the advanced countries.