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In the form and principle of the progress of the forging industry
2015-4-3 8:53:32

About forging industry, the past is the essentials of the blacksmith, will free forging forging is the main concept of the memory. By the age of 80, especially in the 90's, the people have a further understanding on the forging, die forging is the real meaning of forging. Therefore, these yearspeople around the die is discussed, and the investment. Over the past ten years, the forging industry in this small but important industry with new development of what? It is not difficult to findgeneral forging equipment, there is no difference in the form and principle, but there has been littleprogress


Hammer - the hammer has turned from a gravity drop hammer, steam hammer, hydraulic hammer,to the development of the electro-hydraulic hammer now. The main progress of this equipment isenergy controllable, blow smooth, accurate and flexible guide. At present there are automaticforging hammer forging production line.

Screw press -- screw press screw hammer by the human past, double disc friction press, to the development of the clutch screw press today and direct drive type screw press. The characteristics of this new machine is energy and force can be controlled. The effective rate is high, has the advantages of simple structure, direct drive type screw press, the main problems existed in the pastis the impact on the grid, the current through the use of frequency conversion technology makes the problem has been basically solved.

Mechanical press -- mechanical press get big development should be the 70's and 80's. It is a product of the production of large forgings. Automatic press production line is Russian, GermanChinese the practice test. The world's first fully automatic forging production line installed in theDongfeng Motor Corporation forging factory in china. In recent years, press forging problems still have not found a complete solution, but it has been found that the elongation of press forgingmachine has a certain degree of controllability. Generally speaking, the press at work every 10MNextension 1mm. Such as

Without this extension, it is impossible to achieve the forging press.

Hydraulic machine with relatively early in the forging industry press, but the people on the hydraulicmachine understanding has not been reached a new level. The general concept is the hydraulicmachine speed slow, like the ox cart, slowly. Don't meet forging "strike while the iron is hot.". But with the development of the hydraulic system and the control technology, hydraulic machine already more and more adapt to the needs of forging production. The most widely used is the extrusionbillet forging press finishing.

The four general types of forging equipment, spawned a number of special forging equipment, such as: skew rolling, roll forging, rotary forging, forging etc.. In any case, forging machinery orelectricity, liquid, gas and mechanical drive. Need to provide the force and deformation of parts for.The main goal of all development of forging equipment is accurate, efficient and timely provide theforce and energy, and to ensure the accuracy and stability of motion.

Forging production progress but also making progress in the mold. Generally speaking, the lasttime a set of mold manufacturing average is about 4-5 times the current advanced level, the currentprogress, mainly uses the computer and high-speed processing equipment, advanced technology,greatly shorten the manufacturing cycle of the die, the die manufacturing concept also is in produce change, improve the service life of forging die and shorten the molding time equivalent important,and as far as possible the use of insert die forging.

There is no doubt, main performance of forging process and technological progress is material saving, energy saving and increasing production, internal and external quality of forgings. The mainperformance of forging progress is to improve the economic benefits of enterprises. In terms of technology, the core of the mold core change is progress, progress in the pre forging die, in other words, the forging of pre forging process design and shape of preform design is the key technologyof forging.

At present, mold the development of manufacturing technology has become the key to success in the technology of a forging enterprises.